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BLOG #1 P-A-R-T-Y? Because I gotta

Just got off the phone with the talented Paige K, creator of the website that she just invited me to join. How can I say “no”? The goal is to create an open space and platform for anyone and everyone to share their artwork. It’s a beautiful thing and I would love nothing more than to join the party. I’m also a “yes” girl, but you’ll figure that out in no time if you decide follow along. 

So... Hello. My name is Taylor Knoefel. I just so happen to be Paige K’s older sister. I’ve always enjoyed writing and she knows this about me. Being a nurse, I don’t get to channel this side of me, so, I am going to take the opportunity to write and share stories and experiences. I’m excited to do this, but holy moly sharing and opening up is very vulnerable and scary. What will I write about? I guess we will see...Happy Monday people! I hope you enjoy this website, take what you need and find it in your soul to share something with us in return! 

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